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Due to Covid-19, our office will not open every day for the time being. Therefore, we cannot currently guarantee next day delivery. If you would like to know when your order will be dispatched, please contact us by email or via the online chat.

Sell precious metals online

We offer among the best price in UK for scrap jewellery, bullion bars and coins. At Gerrards, we aim to make the selling of your gold and silver as easy as possible.

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Sell Scrap Gold

Sell scrap gold jewellery easily with Gerrards with our online calculator.

Sell Gold Coins

Sell gold coins online or in person at our London buying counter

Sell Scrap Silver

Sell your silver jewellery (antique or modern) and silverware online today.

Sell Silver Coins

We buy fine silver bullion coins as well as pre-1947 silver coins (Crowns, Shillings, etc.)

Sell Pt and Pd

We also buy any form of platinum or palladium (jewellery, thermocouples, dental).

Calculate the value of your gold

Use our Online Calculator to estimate easily the value of your scrap jewellery and coins. Our buying prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium are updated in realtime according to the opening hours in the financial market.

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    Due to Covid-19 the office will not open every day for the time being.

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